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Importance of Belly Button

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Importance of Belly Button

Nabhi is a wonderful gift of nature. In the treatment of all the secrets of life and some diseases, miracles result in miraculous results. We are going to know about this Nabhi

A 62-year-old elderly man suddenly began to see less than his left eye. Especially at night, the eyesight started to get smaller. The examination concluded that his eyes were fine but the blood vessels of the left eye were drying up. It was revealed in the report that now he will not be able to see all his life.

Friends, this is not possible …

Friends, our body is a wonderful gift of God. The womb originates behind the umbilical cord and is nourished by the pulse associated with the mother and hence the umbilical cord remains warm for three hours after death.

A complete child form is formed after nine months of pregnancy i.e. 270 days. All nerves connect with the womb through the womb. Hence the Belly Button (nabhi) is a wonderful part.

At the backside of the navel is a navel button, in which more than 72000 blood arteries are located.

Importance of Belly Button: Applying Pure Bilona Ghee or Oil

Applying pure Bilona Ghee or oil of cow in the Belly Button (nabhi) can help to reduce a lot of physical debilities.

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Importance of Belly Button: For eyes, skin and hair

Remedy for dry eyes, weak eyesight, shiny skin and hair –

Put 3 to 7 drops of pure ghee and coconut oil in the Belly Button before sleeping and spread it in one and half-inch round around the Belly Button.

Remedy for knee pain

Put three to seven drops of castor oil in the oil before sleeping and spread it around one and a half inches.

Remedy for joint pain and dry skin

Remedy for body tremor and joint pains and dry skin

Put three to seven drops of mustard oil or mustard oil in the night before sleeping at night and spread it around one and a half inches.

Remedy for pimples on the mouth and cheeks

Put three to seven drops of neem oil in the naabhi in the above manner.

The reason for putting oil in the navel –

Our navel knows which of our blood vessels are drying up, so it flows oil into the same artery.

When the child is small and his stomach hurts, we used a mixture of hing and water or oil around his stomach and navel and his pain immediately vanished. This is all about oil.

Conclusion: Importance of Belly Button

In our day to life style this Importance of Belly Button article is just begining. I will bring more on this topic with proper research and result, experiences from Indian Gurus, practitioners.

Personally, I have been applying Pure Bilona Ghee since 2 month and my Spects no i.e. eye sight got much better than before. It is miracle for me see world with better eye sight.

Most of the my time goes with computers and research on Internet. Since 2015 I have been Digital Marketer, SEO and Web Development field. In pune, I went to discover for Ayurvedic and Panchagvaya chikitsa for Side effect free treatments, where I heard about Bilna ghee and Benefits of it applying on skin, and Belly button.

From that day, I consistently using Bilona ghee but never used in my navel. After some research and watching youtube videos, I decided to try experiments on my self using this expensive Bilona Ghee.

And I got Miraculous results in just 15 days. I was shocked. How this is possible to throw my spectacles. That’s why I am sharing this post to my audience, and requesting them to the same you should do right now by applying Bilona ghee in your Belly Button

For more discussion and which ghee you should get for it, just send me an email on below ID. We will discuss on that platform. or You can catch me on Facebook, Twitter and Insta.


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